About Me 


My photography is grounded in aesthetics and pleasure.  I enjoy classical composition with minimal editing to create pieces with an appearance to reflect the timelessness of my favorite subjects: the natural world and iconic architecture. Landscapes and cityscapes compose most of my portfolio, and photographing these scenes during unusual situations - sunrise, nighttime, fog, civil twilight - brings me the most aesthetic pleasure.  


Although my photographs are often traditionally composed, I am modern at heart and enjoy digital images with vibrancy and pop to catch the eye.  I take advantage of the benefits of the digital age by presenting my images on novel media, including acrylic and metal. The history of photography is not without its merits, of course.  I shoot, process, and enlarge 35mm and medium-format film as a complementary exercise to my digital work, which offers a refreshing hands-on change from time spent on computers.


I hope viewers of my photography will be reminded of the world's richness, and will appreciate the epic scenes, natural and man-made, around us.


Growing up in Virginia Beach, Virginia, I fell in love with photography early, using 110-film cartridges as fast as my parents provided them. I always enjoyed both the artistic and the technical aspects of life, and graduated from the University of Virginia with a degree in Civil Engineering. Now I reside and work in Delaware as a practicing engineer, but in my time out of the office I love traveling and photographing the unique cityscapes and landscapes I encounter. I shoot with antique film cameras alongside modern digital equipment because the hands-on nature of film and the technological aspects of digital photography fulfill the blend of artistic and technical skills that I appreciate. My work can be seen in local art shows, galleries, businesses, and residences.

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